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A Contractor’s Office – Escritorio de um Construtor

130802 Atur Molitor Sketches RED

Hand sketched street elevation of an office for a Building Contractor and Engineering Firm.

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A place to retreat – Um lugar para refugiar-se

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A spa and place to retreat to in a private garden.

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McGlashen takes shape – McGlashen ganha forma


The commercial office building on McGlashen Ave is taking shape, with the double gable visible as the timber framing is erected.

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First run of green wall blocks hot off the press!

McGlashen construction begins – A Construção de McGlashen inicia

With consent granted, construction is rapidly underway on the McGlashen Ave site.

The precast concrete boundaries walls were made off site while the ground slab was prepared. These have now been craned into place and are temporarily supported whilst the structural steel portals are fixed. Installation of the first floor joists will soon follow, fitted between the steel portals to allow the upper level timber framing to begin.

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Green Wall Block – Bloco para Vertical Jardim

Studio A+L are currently collaborating on a design for a modular ‘Green Wall‘ concrete block with Blocasa, Brasil.

3 Commercial Spaces – Três Pontos Comerciais

The site comprises of an eclectic mix of existing buildings that lack any obvious entrance to the three businesses within and to their activities.

The large warehouse space and adjacent canopy have good structural frames and will both be kept, upgraded and with alterations to close in the canopy.

The ancillary buildings to the north and south will be removed and make way for a new two storey metal clad addition. This will give additional floor space to two ground floor tenants and provide 112m2 of upper level office space.

The new addition acknowledges its semi-industrial streetscape setting in both form and material, whilst optimising the visibility and access to the multiple tenancies within.

Status: Under Construction