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Casa Itu, Terras de São José I


Studio A+L is collaborating with Caroline Gabriades on a major renovation to a residence in Condomínio Terras de São José I, Itu.

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Casa Jd. São Paulo


The final touches are being made to the interior of Casa Jardim São Paulo.

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Tatuí Farm


Renovations are underway on an early 19th century Farmstead, including work to the main Farmhouse, Chapel, Doll’s House, Stables, Workshop and Grounds-Keeper’s House.

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421 Rua José Bonifácio


Conservation work and refurbishment to a house from the early 1900, in central Tatuí, São Paulo, Brasil.

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House in Jardim São Paulo, Casa Jardim São Paulo


Brickwork continues internally to emphasise the first floor volume of a house in Tatuí. The pointing to the brick will be flush and coloured to give a subtle texture – A alvenaria em tijolos continua internamente para enfatizar o volume do primeiro andar. O rejuntamento será nivelado e colorido para dar uma textura sutil.

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Container Restaurant 1 – “Capo Pernil” – Container Restaurante 1


Studio A+L´ designs first container restaurant in Tatuí.

‘Capo Pernil’ is the new life for a disused shipping container, the newest luncheonette and meeting point in the heart of the city. When closed, the restaurant retreats to its original container form. When opened, extending canopies shade dining areas and the large servery windows display the internal workings of a busy luncheonette.

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Contractor’s office completes, Escritório de uma Construtora está concluído


Contractor’s office is now complete

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McGlashen Ave completes, McGlashen Ave está concluída


The 3 Commercial spaces in McGlashen Ave are now complete.

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A Contractor’s Office – Escritorio de um Construtor

130802 Atur Molitor Sketches RED

Hand sketched street elevation of an office for a Building Contractor and Engineering Firm.

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A place to retreat – Um lugar para refugiar-se

9 P1130033s

A spa and place to retreat to in a private garden.

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