Studio A+L is an internationally experienced Architectural Practice, in the design and management of Architecture, Interior and Urban projects.

Studio A+L formed in London, UK in 2011 following 5 years of working in high profile London Architectural Practices. There, the partners of Studio A+L worked on the architecture and interior design of high-end residential homes, hotels and restaurants, through to large scale retail design projects and master-planning.

We have a combined 40 years experience working in the architecture and design industry in Brasil and New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This diverse background and experience gives us a unique approach to every design, considering the needs of each client for their project, and placing an emphasis on sustainability.

Director (New Zealand): Aaron Thomson

Diretora (Brasil): Ana Laura Vieira de Camargo



Selected works:


Jardim São Paulo


Terras de São José I


McGlashen Ave