Container Restaurant 1 – “Capo Pernil” – Container Restaurante 1


Studio A+L´ designs first container restaurant in Tatuí.

‘Capo Pernil’ is the new life for a disused shipping container, the newest luncheonette and meeting point in the heart of the city. When closed, the restaurant retreats to its original container form. When opened, extending canopies shade dining areas and the large servery windows display the internal workings of a busy luncheonette.




The raw container arrives at the offsite workshop, where apertures are cut for the servery window and doors and the internal fitout begins. The covered workshop provides a clean environment and allowed for fabrication without potential delays caused by weather, resulting in the restaurant being ready on site ahead of it’s anticipated opening date.




Internal joinery has been carefully detailed to maximise usage of space and laid out efficiency. The completed container was finally freighted to its current location where only final electrical and plumbed connections needed to be made.