A Contractor’s Office – Escritorio de um Construtor

130802 Atur Molitor Sketches RED

Hand sketched street elevation of an office for a Building Contractor and Engineering Firm.


Under-construction, the rectalinear forms are evident as the main structure of the two-storey office building is completed.

The first floor ‘box’ will contain office and meeting rooms, with its projecting reveals giving necessary shade from the afternoon sun and cover to pedestrian access below which links to the street underneath a pergola. The box perches on a chair-like form, enclosing the circulation areas and ground floor offices.

The client has retained a large stock of reclaimed brickwork which will be to use in cladding the majority of the building. The brick will add texture and contrast against the monolithic plaster cladding of the ‘box’, which will act as a clean backdrop to the company logo, stand out against it along the street facade.